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Play is important! 

Play is fun and it helps children learn. Imaginative, creative play is essential for childhood (and grownup!) development. Imaginative play helps children to develop a critical cognitive skill called executive function. Executive function helps a child (and an adult) to self-regulate his or her actions. “Children with good self-regulation are better able to control their emotions, their behavior, resist impulses and exert self-control and discipline.” (Source: NPR's Morning Edition: Creative Play Makes for Kids in Control). Children also do better in school when they have developed their executive function to a higher level.

The Children's Museum of Atlanta supports all types of creative play, from role-playing in the grocery store to becoming the driver of our crane. Through this play, children are learning and growing. They are becoming early scientists and ask questions like, "If I do this, then what happens next?" and as mathematicians, they ask, “How many apples can I put in this basket?”

The links below provide more information on the importance of play in your child's life and how you can help facilitate that play — both in the Museum and at home. 

National Public Radio (NPR) stories on the Power of Play:
Creative Play Makes for Kids in Control
Old Fashioned Play Builds Serious Skills

The American Academy of Pediatrics has produced a report on the importance of play (link to full report):
The Importance of Play in Promoting Healthy Child Development and
Maintaining Strong Parent-Child Bonds

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