Party FAQs

How far in advance do I need to make a reservation?
Due to popularity, it is advised that you book as soon as possible. Reservations should be made at least 6-8 weeks prior to your requested date.

Is there a deposit required?
A non-refundable, non-transferable $100.00 deposit is due at time of reservation.

Can I see the facility prior to making a reservation?
We would be happy to show you our facility prior to your reservation. However, we do ask that you contact Reservations before arriving, to ensure that someone will be able to provide access to the museum floor and private rooms. The Reservations Department can be reached at (404) 527-3693.

When is the complete balance due?
Remaining balance must be received two (2) weeks prior to reservation date. Failure to do so, will subject your reservation for cancellation.

What if I have to cancel my reservation?
If you must reschedule, you may do so at least 2 weeks prior to scheduled date. New date must be within 6 weeks of the original reservation date (subject to availability). Any rescheduling with less than two weeks’ notice or a cancellation, will result in the forfeiture of your deposit.

Who should I include in my head count?
Please include every adult, child and infant that will be attending the festivities. This does include the host adults and child. The infants will be included in the room capacity count of 40 people, but will not be counted towards your included 25 paid guests. Members of the Museum are also included in this count. Memberships are not valid for free entry into a party.

What about parents and siblings of invited guests?
The Party Package includes 25 people. Additional guests can be added for an additional $12.75 (+ tax) per individual, ages 1-100. If some of your guests would like to bring additional people to enjoy the museum, you may choose to pay for the additional people or have them purchase a ticket. Please note that the private room capacity is 40 individuals. The party greeter will keep a count of your guests as they are arriving. If your head count reaches 40 individuals, additional guests will not be permitted in the room.

Do I need to provide the Museum with a guest list?
The Museum asks that a guest list be emailed or faxed at least 72 hours prior to your scheduled reservation. In addition to keeping the arrivals organized, this will also allow the party greeter to have a better understanding of your expectations with additional or unexpected guest’s arrivals. A guest list form will be emailed to you after your final payment is received.

Will this be appropriate for all ages?
Our celebrations are best for children ages 2-8. Please note that the Museum is designed for children 8 and younger.

Where do I check in for my celebration?
The check-in desk is located across from the museum gift shop. Upon arrival, you will let the greeter know whose celebration you are checking in for. They will then provide you with any important information and a cart for your supplies.

How do I get my supplies to and from my car?
You will be responsible for bringing all items inside and back to your car. We recommend that you park, with your hazard lights on, in either of the loading zones near the front entrance of the museum, located on Centennial Olympic Park Drive or Baker Street. We will provide a cart to assist with this process. Once you have gotten all supplies out of your vehicle, you will then have to move the vehicle to our staff parking lot.

Will someone be there to assist me?
A greeter will be located at the check-in desk to welcome your invited guests to the museum and monitor your guest count. A party host will be available during the scheduled one (1) hour in the private room. The host will ensure your room is set up by your scheduled time. In addition to keeping track of time, the host will also assist with serving your food and refreshments.

Can I order food through the Museum?
We do not provide food, however we can provide you with local vendors to schedule delivery. The Museum does offer a variety of individual pouches of Dippin Dots at $3.00 each.

If I decide to bring my own food, is there somewhere to store it?
There are no food storage facilities available. We will not be able to refrigerate any items for you. You are encouraged to bring in coolers with ice to keep your items cold. Please note that warmers, chaffing dishes, Crock-Pots, hot plates, microwaves, etc. are not permitted.

Can I bring in decorations?
The Museum does not allow outside decorations to be attached to any part of the museum walls, ceilings or windows. Stand-alone decorations, such as table cloths or centerpieces, may be permitted. However, the Museum does provide colorful paper table coverings at no additional cost.

What items are not permitted into the Museum?
Balloons, confetti, glass containers, alcoholic beverages, radios, music, decorations for the walls and/or ceiling (e.g. piñatas, banners, etc.), and outside entertainment (e.g. clowns, magicians, cartoon characters).

Where should we park or tell our guests to park?
Only one (1) vehicle may park in the Museum employee lot on the day of your reservation. You MUST sign in the vehicle with the greeter at the check-in desk. Any additional unauthorized vehicles will be towed at the owner’s expense. Because we are in the downtown area, parking prices cannot be guaranteed. The cost typically ranges from $5.00 to $10.00, but may be higher due to local events. More parking information can be found here:

What if I am running late or my guests arrive late for scheduled room time?
The private room is only yours for the one hour you have reserved. Because of other bookings, you will not be able to make up time in the room. A way to minimize this potential problem, is to plan to arrive one hour before reserved time. We suggest you tell your guests to arrive then as well. However, they may arrive earlier if they choose to.

What if we ran out of time in the private room, can we continue our celebration at one of your lunch tables?
Celebrations are only permitted in the private room. Cake, gifts, and all other party items will not be permitted onto the Museum floor.

Why is only one hour allotted in the private room?
The Party Package is designed to allow your child and guests to enjoy the museum for a full day of play. This means that everyone on your list may enter the museum upon our opening at 10 AM and stay until we close at 5 PM. The private room is set up to allow your guests to gather privately to have your refreshments and celebrate the occasion with cake or other items that would otherwise not be permitted into the museum. The party hosts are experts at managing the time in the private room and will make sure that your hour will go smoothly.

Does the Museum provide a goody bag for each child?
The Museum does not provide goody bags. However, each child attendee will receive one guest pass for a free future visit, which will be distributed at the end of the hour.

Does the birthday child receive a Museum gift?
One birthday child will receive a gift certificate to use in our gift shop. 

What if I am not utilizing your private room, but I want to have a party?
Celebrations are not permitted in the museum unless it is at a scheduled time in one of our private rooms.  Balloons, cake, gifts, and all other party items will not be permitted into the museum. 

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